Jaw Ball Board Game

Each game includes:

Hand Crafted Board
Each game board is individually numbered and dated to validate its authenticity.

Wooden Cue Stick

Protective Felt Game Board Covers
Felt insert matches bag color

Ball Bag w/ 20 Chrome Balls

Price $150.00

Made in
the USA

Game Board
with Grey Cover
Game Board
with Navy Cover(Out of Stock)
Game Board
with Burgundy Cover
Game Board
with Green Cover
Game Board
with Black Cover(out of stock)
Game Board
with Red Cover
Replacement Parts to Order

10 Chrome Balls


1 Jaw Ball Cue Stick


Protective Felt Game Board Covers
(available in 6 colors)

Grey, Navy, Burgundy, Green, Black or Red

Each game is made with a felt strip mounted inside the ball return area that matches the color of the protective game board bag.