As mentioned in our About Us page, the JAW BALL game is a new American tabletop old fashioned pinball type game.  The game, in some respects, derives from an old European game  know as Parlour or Pin Bagatelle.

Pin Bagatelle, a smaller table top game  built in England back in the late 1800’s, was known to have been played by children and adults of all ages and  in pubs located throughout England. Despite the popularity of the game in England, Pin Bagatelle most likely originated in France as the name Bagatelle is of French derivation. Interestingly,  Pin Bagatelle was restricted and banned in the Mid 1800’s when a Gaming Act decreed that there should be “no play on a public billard table or bagatelle table from 1am to 8am and on Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday”. Smaller games were built to resemble the original Bagatelle game which dates back to the Mid 1700’s that were squared off on one end and rounded off at the other. The game of Bagatelle was approximately the same size as a full-length pool table and was played with the combined skills of billards, snooker and pool. Both games of Parlour or Pin-Bagatelle and JAW BALL are based primarily on luck  requiring a player to simply put the balls into play with the use of a wooden cue stick and then watch to see how many points they can score when balls fall into or land in one of the many designated scoring pockets or scoring area’s that are fenced in with brass nails. Since there are no electronic scoreboards each player is then challenged to add up their score by doing the “Mental Math” or if necessary using a pencil and paper. Enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, this old fashion pinball game experience will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for everyone now and for generations to come just as it has done so for over the past 125 years.