A few dozen years ago while visiting my grandparents, my father unveiled what he called an “old fashion pinball game” to my brother, sister and I.  It wasn’t like the normal pinball games.  No flashing lights, high-pitched sounds, bumpers or even a scoreboard.  It was made out of wood, had scoring areas fenced in with brass nails, steel ball bearings for pinballs, a drum stick for a mallet, and was stored in a bag under my grandparents couch. Everyone loved it.

The game appeared on holidays and family functions.  Whenever we went to visit my grandparents, it was shortly after arriving that we all just wanted to grab the stick and see who could shoot the highest score.  We played for hours and looked forward to those days.  My dad held onto the original game after my grandparents passed away, but years later after watching my five children glued to the TV and computer playing one video game after the next, I decided it was time to reinvent that “old fashion pinball game”.

My first prototype was built in 1990 and was played by close family and friends.  Late last year after watching my 23-year-old nephew play it for hours, I decided there maybe a demand for this old fashioned game.  I did some research and learned that it derived from a similar  European game once known as Parlour or Pin Bagatelle, and strangely the game had not been available for purchase in America for nearly a century.  Having experienced the fun and excitement of playing the game as a child, the vision became clear to build my own version of this handcrafted wooden pinball game and make it available for our own children to play.

In December of 2006 we started production of the game and JAW BALL was born three months later.  JAW BALL has enhanced the pinball playing experience with the addition of copper ball pockets that create a unique metallic sound each time a ball falls into one of the many scoring pockets.  I hope your children and families have as much fun playing JAW BALL as mine do  and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.